PSYCH-K® session: 120€/1,5 hours

Stress release: 40€/30 min.

Skype session: 75€/60 min., or 90€/90 minutes.


The Course fees:


PSYCH-K® Basic Course: 800€/3 days. Possible to pay in parts: 2 x 403€, 3 x 268,65€ or 4 x 201,50€. Early bird 700€, one month before the start.

PSYCH-K® Advanced Course: 1148€/4 days. Possible to pay in parts. The payments must be paid before the course ends.

PER-K® workshop: 744€/2 days. Possible to pay in parts, but it must be payed in total before the course ends.

PSYCH-K® Advanced course and PER-K® 'Essentials for Success' courses together only 1800€! 

PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop: 870€ (~1.000$)/3 days. Possible to pay in parts. The payment must be paid in full before the course starts.

Soul Body Fusion®: 150€/1 day

Soul Body Fusion®: 250€/2 days

In the course fees VAT, the course material and light snacks and tea/coffee are all included.

Where to find me

Twice a month I will be in Toukola, Helsinki at

Hyvinvointikeskus Elämänpuu

Koreankatu 4

00560 Helsinki

and You can always call me by Skype!

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