The true poverty consiousness

I’ll write this blog article in English for change. It’s about the winter blues that comes very often to the Finns here in the dark, and this time for me also.

I’ve had some ups and downs for the past month, surprisingly because it is not typical for me like this. Anyway, I started doing some balances – as usual – to find out what’s behind all this and to be able to stop it before it gets any worse.

Like we do with PSYCH-K I ask for the permission first – which I didn’t get this time. This is also very unusual, so I looked for a clue, why not? Why can’t I help myself and get better?  What’s the message this time? It came from one of my favorite books ”Love without End”, page 27:

”The man’s poverty consciousness came about from wearing so many blinders to the abundance of life that he eventually believed in scarcity and then invested in it. Now by comparison, there was another man who believed the wondrous universe with awe as he expressed his gratitude for the infinite supply. This man has given his mind a positive impulse, and so his mind will seek ways to make that abundance real in his life.”

What it meant to me was so relieving that I cried, almost. Of course I knew about the meaning and effect of limiting beliefs, but to live it every day, that’s a bit more challenging, don’t you think? It’s easy to remember that life will give you what you need, when things seem to go well. But to truly believe in it and remember it when it isn’t so hunky-dory, there’s a crunch.

If you believe in illness you will struggle all of your life to get well. And your mind will provide you many ways to prevent or to remedy the ailments without ever removing the source of the trouble. 

”Yet a man who believes in health and wholeness will set his mind to the positive service of making it true. Given any negative belief or impulse the mind will operate dysfunctionally. There may be perfect logic, but applied in a reverse mode to compensate for – not solve – the problem.”

Well that was a great message, I must say! It reminded me and I hope for you as well if you have any health problems (?) why we mustn’t give up hope, one day we will be healthy and feel it our bones. It may take time but we mustn’t give up hope and keep it in mind how it feels like to healthy and well, every day and every moment. That’s a challenge but a good one!

What can you do now?

  • Cut a picture of yourself when you felt great, remind yourself how you felt at that moment and save it to your mind (subconscious mind). That’s the part of your mind that controls your physical behavior and sensations…and it will remember it as long as necessary!
  • Look at that picture every morning and evening before going to bed, just to remind yourself, how you want things to be!
  • Feel it in your body every time you look at that picture, just to remind your cells how it feels to feel good!
  • Listen to the sounds you want to hear, or the words you wish to hear!

Every day is a new day, and you create every moment of that day! What do you want to see, feel and hear just for today? Just for this moment?

  • Do you wait for the best?
  • Do you feel happy just being you?
  • Are you feeling grateful for the sunshine or the lovely taste of coffee in your mouth?
  • Think about that and picture it in your mind what you do want instead of hating every pain and ache.

Whatever that is you want, you will get. If your life doesn’t seem to be getting any better, you may also need a personal message? Contact me if you want some help, we’ll discover it together, believe me;)

Have a love week!


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