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What is PER-K®?

What is PER-KⓇ?

PER-K® (spoken as one word i.e., PERK) is a simple process that enables you to communicate directly with the subconscious mind in order to change beliefs and attitudes that limit or sabotage peak performance. Most of us know, and behavioral scientists confirm, that our behaviors are a direct reflection of our beliefs, perceptions and values, generated from past experiences. PER-K®is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your performance!

PER-K® activates Possibilities, focuses Energy congruently, and produces repeatable Results — which is Key to sustainable success.

Who Would Benefit From PER-K® Workshops?

Anyone wanting to improve their performance, but especially executives, sales professionals, customer service personnel and people working in a team environment of organizations ready to do something different in order to create sustainable success, and a sustainable future.

"Every company that seeks success, must first make sure that everyone in it has the same intentions and desires, not only at a conscious level, but - and more importantly! - that subconscious programming is supporting the business." Quote from Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of the book "The Biology of Belief".

Can I use PER-K® processes to improve my personal life?

Yes! In fact Rob is also the originator of PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® utilizes the same powerful processes for change that PER-K® does, but is designed for use in your personal life. Workshops, are available for family and friends who want to transform old habits and behaviors that are limiting their happiness and well-being. Click on the PSYCH-K® link above to visit the site.

During this two day workshop will learn to transform you personal beliefs about your capabilities in the business arena. You will learn to create just the right goals for you and to remove the subconscious beliefs that may be blocking your success. I warmly recommend this course for everyone who is even thinking about stepping to the entrepreneurship or wishes to move on in their business/working life!

PER-K® ~ Possibilities, Energy, Results

In this short video Rob Williams, who is the father of our beloved PSYCH-K®, explains what is PER-K® and how can we implement changes with it!

See below Robin Graham's interview with Dr.Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, the creator of PSYCH-KⓇ and PER-KⓇ.

The two-day PER-K®workshop for PSYCH-K®Facilitators is very special. It aims are:

  • to learn how to align the members of the organization toward the same goals doing some very interesting group work, and then balance each person individually with the tools learned at the PSYCH-K®Basic Course .
  • for each student at the workshop, to give their own professional or organizational project a big impulse toward the direction they want to go to

So, it is very interesting for anyone who is their own boss or has its own business, and for those who work with organizations as business coach.

Essentials for Success

Attending this workshop provides ability to:

  • Achieve success faster
  • Create a culture that accepts and welcomes change
  • Enhance implementation of all training and coaching
  • Establish subconscious alignment by individual to achieve business goals
  • Increase sales performance and results
  • Expand exceptional leadership throughout the organization
  • Elevate to a greater capacity for effective communication
  • Enhance team or group interaction
  • Create a wellness mindset to reduce absenteeism
  • Revitalize passion and commitment
  • Align business principles with Principles of Nature to create sustainable success
  • Discover how success is impacted by latest sciences such as neuroplasticity, quantum perspective and mind/body integration


Overcome the fears and limitations that stop you from doing what you know you can do!


Workshop focuses on:

  • Learning the Change Processes
  • Experiencing Belief Changes
  • Applying the Processes
  • Integrating New Beliefs for Sustainable Success

General Agenda:

  • Impact of Beliefs with Professional Success
  • Review of Whole-Brain concepts
  • Clarify conscious, subconscious and superconscious Minds
  • Establishing direct connection with the subconscious Mind
  • Learn and experience two methods for changing self-limiting beliefs
  • Practice creating personalized beliefs to enhance your personal success
  • Learn how to use PER-K® to enhance ongoing improvement, personally and professionally
  • Integration of learning through abundant practice and discussions

The PER-K® Workshop will be like an intensive coaching process from which you will emerge strengthened and very motivated to move forward.

It is a workshop aimed at all those people who want to become exceptional leaders, obtain the best results in sales, coordinate teams in the most efficient way possible, significantly improve their way of communicating, manage stress in the most appropriate way, achieve and maintain perfect health, perform excellent business management, obtain fully satisfactory results taking care Nature as a model, which is the best possible model, since it has millions of years of experience in adaptability and collaboration, and any other result they wish to achieve.

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