What is PSYCH-K®?


When having health issues - either on a mental/emotional/physical level - PSYCH-K® is complementing the services provided by medical professionals to enhance the natural self-healing properties of the mind/body/spirit system.

For mental health professionals it is an efficient add-on method to the talk therapies.

For spiritual seekers it is a tool to achieve the Whole brain State, (which enables different parts of the brain to communicate with each other, which changes one's own perception of the situation). This creates a connection to the Higher Consciousness.

For sportsmen it is way to improve the results.

PSYCH-K® refers to the psyche, your mind and your soul. The letter K in the end is an abbreviation for The Key to Sustainable Change. It has been developed by an American called Rob Williams in1988. What matters most in life and in PSYCH-K® is however the information that is found inside of you.who you are, what is your purpose on Earth - behind all your symptoms. We are all spiritual beings living in a physical body, having a human experience.


"There is only one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

There is only one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo (vapaasti suomennettuna)


With PSYCH-K®, with all the Balances, we have access to this knowledge and wisdom. Using this information we can create a new life experience and ripple to your life. The Balances are processes including some discussion, certain movements, body postures both in sitting and lying down. You will be constantly conscious and fully awake during the procedures. It's not about magic or occultism, although it is magical!

What do we use PSYCH-K® for?

In PSYCH-K® we have Balanceswhich help:

  • to change fear into peace of mind
  • download new thinking and behavioral habits into your mind
  • change emotional reactions to specific situations
  • radically impact your relationships
  • change your idea about health/dis-ease
  • ease your everyday life, so that it will flow smoothly
  • and lots of other things!

Balances literally create and open up new circuits in your brain and bring new light into the darkness.

After which you can think a previously stressful situation or a thing with new eyes, without fear or limiting thoughts.

nuotit pienempi koko

"Who pays the piper calls the tune", says the old proverb. Who is calling your tunes?

You may not like all the tunes you play in your mind? Some may sound lovely and make you feel like dancing and singing or maybe crying feeling emotional? We could compare the programs of the subconscious mind to these tunes.There are thousands of them, and we don't remember or are aware of all the tunes, but they are all there, saved in the memory bank of the subconscious mind. Some are useful to remember in certain situations while others not.

The Subconscious mind

In the memory bank of the subconscious mind are downloaded huge numbers of action and thinking habits that are not so useful in everyday life or in the future. As an example of a useful one is: "First look right, then left, then across the street!" is very useful when crossing the street. Another one, not so useful could be eating alone or when feeling sad. It may have been comforting at some point of your life, but not a good habit to keep doing continuously every day. It may not serve you when you want to bring more happiness or self-confidence?

We are creatures of the habit literally. The same song plays out in the mind, whether we like it or not. It's no use cranking to the songs, they won't change that way. We have to download songs that we want to listen to!

Difficult to make changes

If you want to be more assertive and be able to defend yourself in situations, where you feel offended, it is good to change the program that sustains negative behavior!  The subconscious mind holds on to old and regarded-as-safe habits and continues to run these routinely. 

Routines have advantages and disadvantages. The subconscious programs are downloaded also into the body keeping us safe and foremost alive, well and operational in stormy and still waters. We don't need to consciously desire for water when the body is dehydrated. The body takes care of this, sending us thirst. Dehydration is a life threatening state and can cause death. But in situations where we would like to do or act differently, changes can seem hard, especially on your own.

How can I be of help?

With PSYCH-K® we can together download new programs to your mind so that you can do it! What's most important, in such a way that you choose!

The Goal

You define a goal that you wish to achieve in your life. Together we make the changes and you create an appropriate action step for yourself.

We set the pieces back in a new way during every session!


"PSYCH-K® is a set of spiritually based processes which allow us to:

embrace our experiences

awaken to our Soul's greater plan

transform our perceived limitations and

transcend into our state as empowered beings."

Karen Mc Ky

Do you want to have more information?

I hold introduction evenings to PSYCH-K®regularly on every first Monday of the month in Helsinki at Elämänpuu Hyvinvointikeskus (Remember to enroll!) During these couple of hours you will find out what is it all about, where can you learn PSYCH-K® or how get most benefit to you.

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