Who am I?

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My name is Raija Matinpalo.

After years of searching for better health and well being, not to mention some deeper sense of meaning to my life, I had my second burn out. That was in 2012. I knew about many therapies, had tried and believed in most of them, but for some peculiar reason (that I didn't understand) they were of little help to me when I most needed help. So, back to the wonderland of Internet, I discovered Dr.Bruce Lipton and his famous video: "The Biology of Belief". He explained to me how my thoughts had a direct impact on my body and cells, even on my DNA. I thought it was interesting but wasn't completely convinced, until Rob Williams came to stage and started explaining how one can change those negative thought patterns and beliefs. He showed a process - called PSYCH-K - and a Balance. So I followed his example (I knew about kinesiology, so it was a piece of cake) and discovered that I had a subconscious belief of not deserving to be healthy. I changed that and felt immediately better...crying for relief in front of my computer, I couldn't believe that I was so stupid (or someone was) that had put and maintained that kind of belief in my mind! It changed my life and I decided to become an Instructor as soon as possible.  I have traveled since around Europe, and America to fulfill my dream and here I am, a PSYCH-K Basic course Instructor.

Life didn't end there and at the moment I use PSYCH-K to improve my health, my work life, my relationships and of course my spiritual development. I find it an amazing tool like a God sent, that I am truly grateful for! And to be able to enhance the overall wellbeing of this planet as much as my own consciously is the best part of it!

The amazing world of subconscious beliefs

It's difficult to imagine how much they affect us and our lives. If you could choose who would you like to be, what would you like to do for living, whom to live with etc. and knew inside that it was all possible, what would you choose? This is exactly how I sometimes feel before balancing, it's a big question. More about the subconscious programming in the PSYCH-K courses and introductory evenings.

I love my life, although it's not always easy and not always nice, but it surely is interesting and I know I create every moment of it...and can choose to change it when I want to. My search may be part of yours too if you want to change your life, or some areas in it. Or maybe you want to learn how to use PSYCH-K also?

I feel that I can succeed and be happy in life and I truly wish you the same! 

The One With Life program was born out of my own experiences. I discovered that one session didn't take me far, I wanted to have some continuance to it, so that I would get a head start to my life. I was so eager to take huge steps, instead of pussyfooting slowly...and besides, most beliefs are linked together and need to be addressed deeply in order to truly change that aspect of life. We need to address the whole person and not just one part of him/her or one side of her/his life. And I also tried it myself before setting this program to be at your service.

It is still fairly new and I'm excited to see how others find this approach to PSYCH-K. They have anyway been pleased and been also able to move on faster than by one session at a time, once in a while. I hope to get honest feedback from you so that I can develop it and make it even better!

sydämet ja uusi elämä

I wish you welcome to the creation of your life with me!

Where to find me

Twice a month I will be in Toukola, Helsinki at

Hyvinvointikeskus Elämänpuu

Koreankatu 4

00560 Helsinki

and You can always call me by Skype!

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