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What do you want in your life?

Very often we only know the things we don't wish to see anymore; the bad relationships, the loneliness inside or a lousy job we want to change. When asked "what do you want instead" we turn a new leaf. Instead of dwelling in the negative issues that don't work we concentrate on the future. In order to improve our lives, we have to think differently.

That is more easy said than done however and that's why PSYCH-K is an excellent tool to help us shift into a new consciousness, that shows opportunities instead of past mistakes. We will be able to perceive life through new spectacles. Would you like to know how that feels?

PSYCH-K® is a process for creating and changing any limiting perceptions at the subconscious level.
I love using PSYCH-K® because it is simple, it honors you and the wisdom that's inside of you as the main source of wisdom and it is efficient.

During a session we talk briefly first, then you define what do you want to change in your life: what is not working the way you would like to or what do you want to improve there. I'll help you set up a goal towards which want to go, what do you want to have instead. Then we do the balancing process together. You are in control all the time so there's no manipulation or hypnosis behind.

Every session brings you closer to your desired outcome, whether that is a better relationship with your partner, finding a job or getting into better health.

How many sessions?
Sometimes one session is enough for you to achieve your wishes, sometimes we need to work on the possible issues around it and to meet more often. We are all individuals, spiritual beings in a physical body, and we learn in different ways and at a different pace. It's good to remember that PSYCH-K® is a process, not a quick fix program, although it can work very fast!

After the sessions it's good to observe what has changed, how do you react differently in similar situations or do you need another session. Normally you will feel some transformations in some areas of your life (usually the ones we have worked with), sometimes in many areas of your life. The Action plan that I mention in 'One with Life Program' is generally needed to achieve results faster or at all. You may be surprised with the changes... 😉

Because we live in one universe and energy travels through space, we can use PSYCH-K® via Skype also. In that case I will be surrogating you during the balancing. As odd as it may seem, it is as efficient as seeing face-to-face. I suggest we use this possibility in case you cannot arrive to my consultation.

The change process is called a PSYCH-K Balance.

The PSYCH-K Balance is a whole new way of combining the wisdom that's inside of us all, using it with your conscious goals and aligning it at the subconscious level. The result is that you can see new perception of the old situation and can act in a different way.

In the video Rob Williams explains in his lovely way what the PSYCH-K balance is:


You can learn it too!

The PSYCH-K® courses

In PSYCH-K®  there are many courses, among which some are also taught in Finland. For the rest, I suggest you look for a PSYCH-K workshop from the international site: www.psych-k.com/workshops.

PSYCH-K® Basic course:

During this workshop you will learn:
- how to communicate with your subconscious mind
- how to find and change the negative talk/beliefs into more supporting ones
- a new and efficient way of affecting your life instead of waiting for others to come and fix everything for you
. how your mind works
- two different change processes
- to facilitate change processes with others and yourself so that after this course you will be able to determine what kind of life you actually want to live
- a new and interesting way of developing as a human being
- and a lot more...

In short, you will learn the basics of PSYCH-K® and how to use it. During the last of these three days we'll concentrate on practicing it. You'll receive an international certificate which entitles you to facilitate PSYCH-K® and to participate on the Advanced courses.

The next Basic Course in English will be held in 2018.



PSYCH-K® Advanced course: next time year 2018. 

If you enjoyed the Basic Workshop and want to learn more about how to deepen your skills, then the Advanced Integration Workshop is for you. This course is recommended especially for those who plan to work more extensively with others, either personally or professionally. Prerequisite is the Basic Workshop. Here’s how you can benefit from attending this workshop…

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Participants learn to create a deep feeling of mutual trust and ease with others, making change easier and more spontaneous than ever. A powerful process is used to create a situation of hemispheric integration when communicating with others, verbally and non verbally.

Belief Points

Participants will learn the 12 points on the body, deriving from ancient acupuncture techniques. These points represent the key beliefs that give us important information about our self-limitations. When these points are combined with Energy Focusing, these subconscious beliefs can be changed in a few seconds.

Energy Focusing

This is a safe and effective process which allows us to focus our energy on a Belief Point, in order to change our subconscious beliefs quickly and easily.


This is a process that uses a surrogate (a substituting person) to obtain a remote change with someone that is not physically present. This approach can be used to extend your area of influence to include other persons, animals or other entities, being always respectful of the person.

Core Belief Balance

This balance restores 13 Essential beliefs which support the manifestation of your whole potential. This is a deep balancing process that prepares the mind/body system for deep change.

Relationship Balance

This balance helps you to resolve your personal problems with others, and to better understand the lessons deriving from any relationship. It offers a clearer perspective on the values of various kinds of relationships, such as the parent/child relationship, marriage, work and emotional relations.

Life Bonding Balance

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human existence. This balance utilizes breathing as a means of reprogramming any limiting impact of these influences in our life.

The Energy Circle

An incredible experience which uses collective Energy focusing. This is an extraordinary experience to perceive the incredible effect of unconditional love!


PSYCH-K® PRO course: next time in 2018

During this 3 -day course You'll deepen your knowledge and skills about PSYCH-K® and learn new things:

- how to handle traumas and other painful life situations
- how to release stress of fears and phobias
- how to search for and make use of the messages behind for ex. diseases and imbalances
- to deal with allergies in a surprising way
- efficient ways to work with children
- how to benefit from the balances done with others for your own purposes
- how to cibduct a PSYCH-K® session from the beginning to the end
- 10 creative ways to find a belief or a situation to change
- how to market PSYCH-K® and direct customers to you
- Who are you and who is your client?


If you are interested in learning PSYCH-K, feel free to contact me. I teach and organize PSYCH-K workshops and would love to hear about your wishes as well!

In case you want to enroll to a workshop, see below.

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This enrollment is legally binding, the terms of cancellation: we don't return the payments unless it's force majeur or for cancellations more than two weeks before. In case the course is being cancelled by the organizer, the money will be returned in full.
I wish to pay in parts. The options are: 2 x 320€, 3 x 213,35€ or 4 x 160€. I understand that the first part must be payed before the course starts.

More information about PSYCH-K® is to be found at www.psych-k.com. 

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