Monta ihmistä pitää käsistä kiinni, kuvastaen yhteistyötä

Collaboration pays off!

Things that matter to me.

"I like to work with other people to accomplish my goals, and theirs."

When I hold a PSYCH-K® course, one of the best things there is to witness how the participants change within a couple of days. The 'lonely wolf' suddenly turns out to be excited about his/her own life and even inspiring others as well. We Finns tend to have this prevailing perception that we are alone and no-one will help us. 

Even if most people attend the course for themselves, many feel they wish to help other people move on with their lives.

I participated recently to PER-K® Course - which is the business version of®PSYCH-K. I was especially delighted about the end, when we did all we could to help each other with their goals. This kind of experience I would hope for everyone who is struggling with - or have a perception of - loneliness in life!

This important Principle of Nature - Collaboration - becomes a prevalent part of life, once it's been balanced within our own subconscious mind. We want to help others, it feels good and we get inner satisfaction from doing it. In nature it's a very important principle, regardless of the old belief of competition and survival of the fittest.

How well do you apply this principle in your life?

  • When you think from your perspective, is it true to you?
  • What do collaboration and helping others with their goals mean to you?
  • What comes into your mind first when you think about helping others for ex. at work?
  • How do you react and/ what comes into your mind when you see others succeed in life?
  • Are you willing to collaborate with others?
  • Is collaboration fun and efficient? Or do you consider competition a better motivator?

If you feel that you are left alone, that no-one helps you, you probably have - due to past experiences? - a very limiting belief in your subconscious mind about it. Believe me that it can be changed to a more supporting belief!

The more you get angry about what other people say/ do - the more you victimize yourself.

If you feel the victim of the circumstances, who don't have any influence on your life, you have limiting beliefs about life, yourself and other people.   

How can you enhance collaboration in your life?

If you want to effect your life and reinstate your personal power, you better take action. You are the only person who can change your thoughts!

PSYCH-K is in that regard® one of a kind.® PSYCH-K is an excellent method of changing limiting beliefs. It's easy to learn, easy to use and the changes are sustainable. No repetition needed.®More information about PSYCH-K at my website and from free introductions. in Finnishthat I hold once a month in Helsinki. You can enroll here!

Welcome to a personal session if you want us to concentrate your personal challenges and make some changes regarding them. I have personal sessions and PSYCH-K® Balances via Skype as well and by phone.

Book a time for your session or send me an email!

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