Is your life filled with celebrations or lonely days filled with fear?

Living with the virus

Covid19 has been in the news every day for over a month now. After recovering the first shock, collecting detail information and sharing it in the social media, many of us has been able to do things that didn't find the time before, when living in 'time before', and past reality.

The started sense of community rose around the world - musicians, artists, actors - started to gather people all around in front of computers, TV's and balconies to sing together, just to cheer them up, and maybe to wake them up to more important things in life than feeling miserable and ill. Appreciation towards the medical community is at the top now.

In the work life changes are being adapted pretty fast - and instructions for survival at home shared everywhere Parents have learned to support their children with school work, but everyday life is different. Relationships are being tested in many families, when there is plenty of time and possibility to get closer to each other now with all this free time.


New winds blowing

I have been following social media in many regards. After singing a lot of fun games - called also brain gym exercise - many forms of entertainment is shared and sold. Movies and digital newspapers do extremely well now, maybe better than ever before? People need to have something to do.

New fears

Many people suffer from different fears and anxieties which don't seem to subside, even though the Covid19 has been in this country for over a month now - like the seasonal flus generally do. because they don't know much:

  • how long time will this last?
  • what if I catch it?
  • what if my nearest ones catch it?
  • how to survive if the quarantine lasts for weeks?
  • Where will I get money because I can't work?
  • how long time will I have to stay alone?
  • how will my loved ones survive when I can't see them?
  • even the death of some loved one can come across my mind -> will he/she be alone?

This virus has waken up fears and many other worries in the minds of people who have contacted me lately.

Love feast to help you

Love Feast is worldwide project to help you overcome this pandemic.

It contains free PSYCH-K® minisessions, lasting about 15 minutes. This is for anyone who has NO previous experience of PSYCH-K®. 

Feel free to contact me if you need help to achieving a peace of mind with PSYCH-K®®:n keinoin!

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