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"Can we use PSYCH-K® via Skype or by phone?"

  • Yes we can. If you don't live nearby, I suggest we have a Skype/Zoom session. By telephone it can be done as well if you have internet connection. I will guide you through it. When you contact me and book for a session, I will give you my Skype name. The prices are visible at the interleave.

"How is PSYCH-K®different from other modalities?"

  • First I want to remind you that PSYCH-K®® is not a therapy.
  • PSYCH-K®® is different in many aspects:
  • PSYCH-K®® PSYCH-K® is on a spiritual basis. It means that we have a built-in permission protocol that we follow. It means that we always ask for permission before balancing anything. Most therapies just assume that it's okay to do the 'thing' because you came to see me. This is not the case in PSYCH-K®.
  • Secondly PSYCH-K® is efficient and the results are sustainable. We don't need to Balance for the same issue many times. Although we can Balance for different aspects of this issue.
  • PSYCH-K® is easy to learn and to use.

"What's the difference between PSYCH-K®®and hypnosis? Don't they both reprogram the mind to function in a different way?"

  • Yes, but using different tools. Some PSYCH-K Instructors are also trained in hypnotherapy and their view is that hypnosis is relies more on the skills of the therapist (hypnotherapist), unlike in PSYCH-K® the Partner (the person in question) is mainly responsible for her/his life. PSYCH-K® is a "Do with" process, unlike most of the therapies are a "Do To" processes. Some hypnotherapists claim that they get faster results with PSYCH-K® than with hypnosis.

"Do I need to know what beliefs I have?"

  • No you don't. The session is not based on a specific prepared plan where we go through certain belief statements. Instead PSYCH-K® is highly tailor-made so we go through the themes of life that you have and perceive as problematic or challenging to you. Your beliefs will come up during the session.
  • Most of our subconscious beliefs are hidden in the unconscious and we aren't aware of them. It's no use to assume that ready-made lists of beliefs are challenging to you personally.

So don't worry about it! It's enough to know what do you want to handle!

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