With the world is full of information, what to believe in?

Apua, en halua nähdä!

We don't need to tell people in any country of the world that there are many kinds of information. We are being impregnated with words like covid, virus, infection, disease, mortality rate, hospital carrying capacity and many hundreds of terms that describe the past few years.

In one video interview the interviewer said well that there must be at least 5,5 millions of epidemiologists in Finland but in the studio he actually had a real one. Someone who should based on his profession know what is true and what is not.

I listen to Jussi Sanewith pleasure because he says what he thinks. Or, that's my impression of him.

Who can you trust?

In the video interview above they go through terms like misinformation and certain beliefs related to covid and infection statistics.

There has been published - and deleted shortly after - some articles made by statisticians like Paul Lillrankwhich give different perception about the mass media stories. They give me the idea of proportionality that I myself missed, especially in the early stages of this virus. Here's a short interview about it.

The reason why I think it’s good to listen to different articles and interviews is to get that sense of proportionality, which alleviates your own fear and thus makes life easier in the future. Personally, I try to stay as objective as possible so that I can see the big picture of the situation.

Familiar hell better than unknown future?

Interesting about Jussi Sane's interview was also what he mentioned about giving up the restrictions.

It may be difficult to give up all the restrictions for some, although being harmful and/ annoying (like the masks which were mostly causing headache).

If weve been fed little by little all sorts of fears about corona, we have composed different pictures and perceptions - and fears about it.

One is afraid of the virus itself, the other about getting ill/death in general, one about being sent to the hospital, some about the vaccines, about transmitting the disease to others and some about being left alone once all signicant others dying of it...all these are dependant of our own experiences in life.

I have been contacted last year by those with the most fears about vaccines. Vaccines divided and continue to divide the people in half. There are pros and cons, and many families keep a silent school because of it. It causes a lot of pain, which is why I don’t think vaccines should be overemphasized now and with the virus when it (the vaccine) doesn’t work as usual and expected.

Perhaps we could unite as a people and as people more quickly if decision-makers also changed their speech in a way that unites the people. Would it be possible to expect it from such a young government?


kissa lyö tassua ankalle

Despite our apparent differences, there is room for all of us. With cooperation, it works!

The focus on fears has shifted to various diseases - such as cancer. Either one has been diagnosed, or afraid of a variety of their own symptoms are due to the cancer.

Overall, however, fears have increased in recent years. I am not surprised at all, they have been actively sown on behalf of various parties. Whether one watches and listens to the so-called mainstream media or so-called alternative channels, quite a lot of fears are on the move. Similar arguments are used, but only the perceived counterparty is targeted.


We can face fears safeky

One reason why I like PSYCH-K®is that its processes allow me to face fears safely. However, fears are very paralyzing and take away all the joy of life if given power in the human mind. Little by little - like peeling onions - we can explore our own fears and change our perceptions of them. Overnight it doesn’t happen, but quietly good comes.

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