It's enough to be happy

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It is amazing but true. I just read an interesting according to this article about the effectiveness of vaccines and the connection to mental state.

It is well-known that the vaccines activate the immune system. What are the immune cells then? They are a complicated systemthat is very much influenced by our mind.

What has me being happy or sad got to do with the vaccines?

My beloved Deepak Choprawhose book"Quantum healing"I keep coming back over and over again, clarifies this simply like this:

"The immune cells have a reason for each receptor; they use them to think, act, perceive, and respond in precise ways. A person uses the same two eyes to view the whole world. A cell, however, has a different eye for each thing it needs to see."

"A receptor is unpredictable. Researchers discovered for example that a neurotransmitter called imipramine is produced abnormally in the brains of depressed people. They were startled to find imipramine receptors not just on the brain cells but everywhere, even on skin cells. Why should the skin create receptors for a mental molecule? One plausible answer is that a depressed person is depressed everywhere - he has a sad brain, sad skin, sad liver and so on." I concluded from there that: A happy person is happy with every cell in his/her body! 

"Researchers like to compare the immune system to the brain in complexity. The immune system has a phenomenal capacity for absorbing new information, learning and memorizing the identity of any new organism, and sorting out billions of bits of knowledge. We could easily say that the brain and the immunesystem are not like each other - they are each other, because they operate within the same chemical network."

"Small differences exist though, like their DNA selects to emphasize certain aspects of its total knowledge and suppress others." I leave that to experts.

"To simplify things, we could say that if you wish to fight diseases and to be happy are the same thing at the molecular level. Both are healing messages." Happiness is a healing message.

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What about the vaccines?

According to the article, long term stress can influence the efficacy of the vaccines, due to the mental state. Good or bad, depends on your mental state!

This may have some clinical meaning to the ongoing Covid vaccinations at the moment. They haven't been studied properly, it is a new and experimental vaccine, and haven't been used before. The studies refer to the influenza vaccines hepatitis B vaccine. They seem to have a better effect and better immune system if one has better mental state for a long period of time. according to Professor Jyrki Korkeila. mukaan.

Now it is high time to start cheering up your next of kin with things that he/she enjoys. Music is well known there; singing, moving according to ones limitations (of course), story telling or any other way that can enlighten them!

laulava nainen

So, everybody let's start singing!

It will do good to you too, and believe me, nobody cares - or hears even - if you sing well or not...

What kind of music do you like to listen to? I thought of a childern's song called 'Mörri Möykky'sing along, or choose you own favorite.

The good news is that if the immune system is in good shape, maybe you don't need a vaccine at all? The idea of the vaccine is pretty much the same as the immune system, they both have the same it's a win-win situation!

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