PSYCH-K® Advanced Course

The PSYCH-K®Advanced Course takes yo one step further with this method. You will learn a lot of new Balances, for example:

- The Relationship Balancehelps you to resolve personal problems with others easily and set a new foundation to your relationships
- Life Bonding The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human existence. his balance utilizes breathing as a means of reprogramming any limiting impact of these influences in our life.
- Surrogation This approach can be used to extend your area of influence to include other persons, animals or other entities, even when they are not present
- Core Belief Balance restores our core issues about life transforming any stress related and preparing you for a big change in your life
- Rapport Balance opens up the door to an easier and less stressful communication with other individuals as well as with groups
- Energy Focusing teaches how to use energy in the Balances
- 12 Belief points act as key points representing many issues at the same time

The perception of yourself and with others gets a whole new turn when possibilities are limitless!


What did Nate think after the PSYCH-K® Advanced Course?

Next time available in Finland in 2021. Look at other countries' from:

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