The Basic course is a foundation for PSYCH-K®

All PSYCH-K® Courses

PSYCH-K® are unlike any other course you have taken. Already PSYCH-K®Basic course käynnistää sinussa prosessin, joka aloittaa elämän muutokset. Opit käyttämään PSYCH-K®:ta hyvin nopeasti. Voit kurssin jälkeen käyttää sitä heti niin omaa kuin muidenkin hyvinvointia edistämään.

What kind of changes can one achieve soon? Below are just a couple examples that I have noticed in me also:

  • you will learn to be okay with yourself
  • you'll learn how to handle different emotions
  • you'll learn to change your perception of stressful situations - whether they are old painful memories, or fears of the future
  • you'll get by normal everyday challenges easily and quickly!

You can use PSYCH-K® to your own liking. Because you are responsible for your own life, it's all up to you!

If you use PSYCH-K®, it will reveal more to you.

and you'll learn to love challenges. 


  • The Basic Course is a 3-day course which gives you the keys to PSYCH-K®: the basic information and the use of PSYCH-K® with yourself and with others!
  • the Advanced Course is a 4-day course where you learn a lot of different and multipurpose Balances
  • The Master Facilitation Workshop (former PRO course) is a 3-day course, where you get certainty and confidence in your work - overall you'll learn how to use PSYCH-K like a Master!
  • Divine Integration Retrite is concentrating in spiritual life
  • Optimal Health and Wellbeing is a 4-day course. It opens up a whole new way of dealing with and understanding health and creating optimal wellbeing

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What after the Basic Course? Below are some options!


"I liked the way of having enough time for questions. The atmosphere was easygoing. Overall the whole worked well. Taking this course felt nice and light."

Joonas Hirvelä

The whole counts. I learned to dig out some "memories", "truths" that my conscious mind wanted to hide form me. We solve things by facing them, after all.

Raija's personal touch was very useful for me.



"Doing balances with myself and the thorough handling of the things were the most useful for me." 

Ari Konkka

"All parts of the course gave new keys to be used. Giving examples helped me a lot."

Minna Koivula

"What helped me a lot was repeating the basic things with different people and goal statements, and practicing. Personal experience as being the Partner also.

Raija's habit of repeating and putting us to practice were useful to me. I liked that I could ask questions in my own words and clarifying goals to the subconscious mind with The VAK to the Future."

Erja Lahdenperä

"Raija's own stories and sharing personal experiences with us were especially useful to me."

Jussi-Pekka Uusitalo

Veera Kuokkanen

The balances and possibility to practice

"Balances and the possibility to practice were most useful for me"
I feel myself more certain with the method and will use it right away. Raija's acquaintance, direct speech and eagerness helped me a lot."
Hanna Rämö

"Doing Muscle Testing with myself and balancing myself were most useful things for me. Raija directed well the practices and elucidated everything well.
I feel myself certain with all that I've learned and will use PSYCH-K® right away."
Antti Hänninen

Clear instructions

"Clear instructions and a way to modify the subconscious mind in a concrete manner. I have read a lot of theories about it and feel that I have stepped into the next level.
Raija was very natural as herself."

Personal balances

"Doing balances personally helped me a lot to understand better all this.
Raija is a good teacher."
Marja-Terttu Holmström

Repeating the course was worth the money

"I got much more confidence by repeating the course. I believe that I will use PSYCH-K® at home and with friends. Raija has such strong knowledge about PSYCH-K®: certainty, knowledge and experience.
Thank you for sharing this method in your enthustiastic way!"
Regina Skogberg

"I was surprised of the easiness of balancing and expect for changes in things that we did the balances. I have for long time 'tried' to think positively, but it didn't work for everything. If something was challenging it was explained in a way that I finally understood."
Anni Turunen

"Practicing right after demonstrations was good. The speed of progressing was convenient."
Jaana Leino

Katriina Pekkala

Balancing myself with important matters

"I got enough time to immerse myself in doing balances with the important issues.
Timing was good and an equal attitude towards participants. Thank you!"
Kirsti Autio

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