Olet itse oman elämäsi sankari ja luoja!

Luonnon periaatteista ehkä tärkein?

One of the most important Principles of Nature is the resources we have and its efficient use.

Nature doesn't waste or throw away anything. All is used well. If we would implement this same principle in our own lives, we could ask ourselves how well are we doing?

One very important resource you have is your mind and how you use it. Another important resource is the body. How well do you use your body? And another one is the soul.

Make a list of the following things:

  • what does your body do every day?
  • what can YOU do every day thanks to your body?
  • how could you appreciate more your body, which is so sacred and is there for you?
  • did you know that your subconscious mind - one very important aspect of the mind - actually runs your life every day for over 95%?
  • what if your subconscious mind was your best friend?
  • and then maybe the most important one - your soul or The Higher Consciousness. The part of us that takes care of us, knows everything about us and always answers in a best possible way when we ask for advice. How much do you appreciate your soul every day?
  • how much do you value your time? Nature doesn't waste time, what about you?

What if you could have an impact on everything in your life, according to the best possible guidance? How would your life change?

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You decide, it's your life!

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