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Liberating in many levels after each Balance!

"I tried PSYCH-K® for the first time for over 1 year and a half ago. I was in a situation where a long lasting intimate relationship had just ended and a serious illness was limiting my life. I have been to many private sessions since. 

On my journey of human existence I have tried many different methods and techniques in order to move on with life, but none have been as efficient as PSYCH-K®.

Both at the physical level and mental level PSYCH-K® relieves immediately and makes life easier. The effects of the Balance continue after the actual procedure to many aspects of life- and as a surprise to me brings a sort of awakening to noticing that changing or releasing a thought from the subconscious mind can liberate- even in different aspects of life than we were originally handling.

I can only recommend PSYCH-K®sessions with Raija, if you wish to get to know yourself better and live life more fully!"

Sigrid Leis  Sigrid Leis

Facing emotions is a lot easier now

It's impossible to specify all that PSYCH-K® has done to my life, but I'm convinced it's been positive.

"I took the first PSYCH-K® Basic Course in Finland in 2013. I have repeated the course twice and I must say that this method is one of the best things that I have come across in my life.

I use this method many times a week. When I'm stressed, I sue it many times a day, even at night. One Balance takes about a couple of minutes but can save the whole night's sleep or transform a very stressed, exhausted and disabled woman to a fully functioning ready-to-go lady in a matter of minutes. Before writing this article I was very tired and I knew it's due to the emerging emotions, that I didn't want to face right now. One short PSYCH-K® Balance helped me face my FEELINGS and get over them.

It's impossible to specify all that PSYCH-K® has done to my life, but I'm convinced it's been positive. I don't even recall all the goals or subconscious beliefs that I have used PSYCH-K® for, but there are plenty.

One of the most impressive balances were about the relationships and with the PSYCH-K® Facilitator Raija Matinpalo. After the first Relationship Balance I was truly amazed. My relationship with the person in question didn't change much, but my own reaction and feelings changed radically. It was so much easier to be with this person. Also the other two Relationship Balances that we have done together with Raija have clearly changed these relationships.

I offer PSYCH-K® Balances to my clients also. I have told many people that they benefit most from this method by taking the Basic Course and continue maybe to the other PSYCH-K® course. The Basic Course gives one the tools to use PSYCH-K® effectively in one's own life."

Tuija Räisänen

Got rid of the burden of the past

"I have noticed that I have a lot of negative beliefs and some situations have started to stress me out, if they didn't go so well in the past. With the One with Life program and PSYCH-K® I have started to pay attention to the way I speak to myself.

I have released the burden of the past during these visits and I have created new thought and action models. I have felt myself "ligther" after each session with Raija.
Raija's calm way of listening and meet with her clients works very well with me and I find it charming. It has been very rewarding to examine my own limiting beliefs and create new ones with Raija. I have changed them into more supporting and positive beliefs.
I recommend PSYCH-K® actually for everyone. Because the beliefs are interrelated I didn't need to stress out about leaving something out. All things came when the time was right. For me PSYCH-K® is a way of bringing more new and joyful things into my life and get rid of the negative burden of the past.
It is comforting to know that we can actually do something to the old action and thought patterns voi oikeasti tehdä This inspires me to change my life into a more positive direction!"
Nina W  Nina Westerlund

A spiritual lock has opened up

" I was spiritually stuck despite all the knowledge and skills that I have. So, the mistrust to my own capabilities and skills diminished even was a vicious circle!

Already realizing how many beliefs I had about my own incapacity, has helped me take a look at myself in a more accepting way! Working with Raija has helped me to mobilize a new energy that I needed for applying a new job. By surprise I got a vacancy, which again helped me to forget about any age-related beliefs about not getting a job in my age.

Raija is very precise in her work and intuitively accurate. She is very skilled at taking the process into more deeper levels without manipulation.

I recommend this method for all those who repeat the same patterns or feel incompetent or uncertain about taking action and doing changes. I believe that people who struggle with health issues may get help despite all the goodwill, skills and effort they may be putting into it. They may still feel left alone and captives with their diagnosis."

  Pirjo Lund

I got help with relationships

"I went to work on a very difficult relationship. After the session we could actually talk to each other constructively, which we haven't been able to do for a very long time! So it was progress!

Raija is calm and knows what she is doing. I recommend this method for dealing with any issue."

 Merja Valve

The trust to my wife returned

I got back the trust to my partner and to the continuity of our relationship. I miss my wife and see her much too seldom. I have a deep seated trust now to this method and to Raija's professionalism. I know that much about this method to say that it can benefit everyone, and especially those who least think of it. This is new and strange for over 99% of all people. I was looking for a reason for my illness from diets before understanding the meaning of stress. The question may be more about questioning and not finding the answers. I suppose we need to look for a reason to our problems form outside of ourselves before being able to search them from within.

   Onni Alanen


Laura was a completely different person after the Balance which was about a difficult relationship. Because Laura had been hurt very deeply long time ago, it was hard to get started or even say anything...after a while she was able to say meaningful things to the other person. Afterwards she gave me her opinion about PSYCH-K® and the Balance. "It is a lovely process because we are so open to all perspectives and emotional outbursts, and don't force anything."




RS got help with her problem and was convinced that PSYCH-K® works in the future as well. She realized something new during/as a result of the sessions. This is a common feeling and is hopeful for everyone. One doesn't feel a victim of the past and can tale charge of one's own life.



Change of life

Matti's skin problem got a lot better after a couple of sessions, and his mind also. For over 30 years a certain condition has been troubling him and now got relieved so much so that he will try PSYCH-K® with anything. Although the problem was about the skin, as a bonus his mood got better, so much so that everybody else noticed it also.

​Matti Matinpalo


A healthier life

"It was very intuitive, things came into my mind to be addressed. Raija was very warm and adept. Tapping feels nice, I felt that I was heard and understood. It was good in the end."

​Maria ​


I released some difficult issues

"I was heard and Raija handled the session proficiently as if she knew my life. I don't know how to improve the session in any way, the EFT session was truly marvelous!"

Marja-Terttu Holmström


The session was liberating

We did a PSYCH-K® session with Sanna to handle her feeling of helplessness that had arisen along the menopause. Sanna had become blind over the years. The session went well and easily. The most striking thing about the balance was the extreme fatigue after it was over. It only ended after Sanna got into her own bed. And the consequences were amazing. She started painting! It was her old childhood hobby. Because of her blindness she had forgotten about it during the past years. She created a method of using matches to be able to understand the outlines of the picture. After drawing a couple of pictures, she asked her husband what it looked like.


Sannas drawings after the session

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