Why the belief that "I deserve to be healthy" can be important to a dying person?

nainen itkee

I saw a dream last night where I had Cancer - far beyond any treatment - so I was just waiting to die. The diagnosis didn't scare me there - I was already used to the idea. So, I was waiting for my final moment.

I had symptoms that prevented me to speak properly - severe nausea and I was merely retching and vomiting.


The balances of my beliefs

I felt the need to remove all the remaining stress from my state, and check a couple of beliefs (during the dream)

The most important belief was, that "I deserve to be healthy"It was the same belief that had to be balanced as a first beliefwhen I discovered PSYCH-K® about ten years ago.

In the dream it cleared up to me why now - that I knew I am dying soon - this kind of belief had to be balanced?

The meaning was that I didn't want to feel that I was being punished by this illness. Deserving to be healthy removed the pressure from it. Some how the idea that I do deserve to be healthy vindicated it!

Another belief in that dream was that "I want to live"It was already strong - so my subconscious mind already supported that. It was important to check it anyhow.


That dream felt so real, that I had to check and re-check a couple of times, whether I feel nauseous or not, and how do I feel really. It took a couple of minutes to do so.

As a consequence I felt truly grateful that I am alive! I thought about all the things that are needed in order to be grateful, in just being alive! Every minute felt amazing...every breath that I take felt so good! In the dream I had difficulties breathing deeply, and suddenly it was so easy!


One cannot know ones own subconscious beliefs. Our life can show us, what is true to our subconscious and what not. Checking them and balancing them - aka removing the resistance from the desired beliefs - will show us how life can change. It does take your actions too!

PSYCH-K® is one method of changing them, and it is easy and works!

More information in my website. If you wish to try it, just book an appointment to your own personal session.


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