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Live the Connection is a method - or a series of processes - that helps us making changes in our lives.

By changing thought, experiences, perceptions of any given situation, of ourselves and our lives, we can freely choose what we want and how we want to live in this world.

Live The Connection has a different intention altogether, than for example in PSYCH-K®, which is another very efficient method for making changes. What I mean here is that in LTC we first connect to the heart and after that to the thinking mind.


Live The Connection is completely new in Finland and I am happy to be able to offer this method here!


When we release stress from the mind, heart and body, life just looks different!

How to recognize stress?

Do you recognize any or one these situations or feelings?


  • low self esteem and low self confidence
  • chronic bad temper bad temperor irritability
  • perfectionismcompulsive need to control everything, thinking that other people are stupid and inefficient
  • difficulty to connect with otherspoor working relationships, constant and futile search for loving relationships, loneliness, fear of rejection, insecurity, stuck in a destructive relationship
  • negative attitude towards lifefeeling dysfunctional
  • low energylack of concentration, exhausted or burnt-out, always in a hurry, fear of failure
  • health problemsheadaches, accident and injury prone, difficulty to conceive, sleeplessness, dyslexia, poor mathematics or language skills
  • persistent lack of moneyhaving desires but being unable to fulfill them, nagging feeling that life is against you
  • ...

Who doesn't recognize at least one of the above mentioned issues? That is why it's imperative to be able to do something about ones life in an efficient way!

Live the Connection offers you processes that can help you make changes in your life, about issues that stress you.

Live The Connection offers you easy-to-learn and effective strategies to be used every day.

By applying Live The Connection yo overcome personal difficulties, relationship and health problems and even money issues.

We know that stress creates health and relationship problems, at home and at work. Stress includes all manner of irritation, fear, disappointment, anger, and also solitude and isolation.

Neuroscience teaches us that we can only be at peace when the differents parts of our brain are working well together: then we have a ‘brain in sync’. When the parts of our brain are not well connected, our brain is in stress. As a consequence, our immune system is suppressed. We have difficulty in concentrating and we don’t really like ourselves or others. Consequently, we do not behave as we would if we had the ability to make choices freely without the impediment of stress.

We are happy to present to you a way to overcome stress and to resolve any problems that hinder you from having the life you want. Using Live The Connection dissolves stress by unifying your brain. jälleen.

Live The Connection is also a wonderful way to reprogram your subconscious::

  • to transform burdensome patterns and relationships into sustaining, uplifting ones
  • in any area of your life – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, at home or outside

Live The Connection enables you to experience how easy it is to resolve your problems in a sustainable manner. Because Live The Connection works on the subconscious, short and long term results are achieved. Problems are dissolved, allowing you to move in the direction of your true desires for your life.

Live The Connection results in love, health and abundance, peace in yourself and with others.

Live The Connection is easy and user-friendly. It empowers you to work on your subconscious yourself and with others. In addition, Live The Connection removes the necessity of reliving or even remembering painful memories to get rid of traumas. It is quick and powerful because it harnesses the incredible power of the subconscious, a power a million times stronger than the conscious mind.

My personal experiences with Live The Connection

My experiences of the Live The Connection De-Stressing:

"I was amazed at how can the same body posture have so different feeling and effect, than in PSYCH-K®:ssa.

I believe and feel that's due to the intention, they are different. I am more familiar with PSYCH-K®®:ssa.

I have used this De-stressing regularly for a couple of months now and realized that it has similar effects on me than 'peeling the onion': slowly slowly I peel the stress related issues from the back of my mind, so they don't get to grow huge challenges in my life." 

My experiences of the Core module

"The Live The Connection procedures - mainly of the Core module prosessit - have increased my self knowledge immensely. While I wasn't aware of some issues, I couldn't change them earlier. Now I look forward to the sessions with myself, it's always interesting to find out what kind of outcome I will end up with!

I truly recommend this to everyone who is interested in themselves, in their own motives and want to do something about that. The change is possible, and you are the only person who can start the process."

"A simple De-stressing works fantastically - if you use it. There are no easier way to remove stress, at least that I have come up with.

Especially now, when I have used it the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, before going to sleep. All the worries of the day, issues that you've worked with, thought of, situations, news etc - even if you're not aware of them - can just fade away. The peace of mind is vital and I appreciate it now more than ever!"

"The procedures of the Core module There are no words to explain how many doors they open up to my self-knowledge. The possibilities are numerous!

I can actually play with them and use how I wish!

With the De-stressing the sun can finally shine to this 'trashcan'..."

Additional information: www.livetheconnection.com

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