Oh, I wish could just sleep - the many faces of stress


Fight, flight or freeze reactions

The stress reaction's - that keeps us alive and safe - last resort is to 'freeze'. When the subconscious mind realizes that we can't defend ourselves with fight, we tend to escape. When that option is out, there is only one alternative left and that is to become stuck, to play dead. Except that it's far from playing games.

The freeze reaction is less described as a reaction to stress. It's well known in the animal world where the animal quite literally is stuck right on the spot, scared to death in a situation where there is no escape nor other safe action possible.
People get paralyzed with fear also in life, but it shows in a different way. According to this article the firefighters recognize their fears well, and have to deal with their fears in their profession.

Other ways of freezing

Common paralyzing or freezing ways:

- feeling helpless
- indecisiveness
- worrying
- anxiety
- depression
- digestive problems
- burn out

Depression and exhaustion seem to be today's scourge at least in the western countries? There appears to be never enough money to sort it out - or enough personnel to help out.

Finally we may reach the state of 'depressed, tired and fucked up' - as one of my teachers described the commonest sensation in old people's homes. When the mind is depressed, it's hard to see hope anywhere - there just is no light in the end of the tunnel. And/when re are tired all the time, it becomes very depressing feeling in itself, that we are 'pissed off'.
If you are or know of anyone who is depressed or anxious, using this link you can use to assess how you feel and get some advice.

The symptoms for different areas of life, bodily sensations and mind increase insidiously. We have the tendency of avoiding anything unpleasant until we have no other alternative.

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The thoughts go haywire and we cannot act

What happens in the brain during stress?

When the stress reaction starts, the information cannot travel from one side of the brain to the other. There is a sort of block between the two hemispheres. It leads to a certain way of action that we take, without personal control.

We don't influence our behavior at that moment, but later on we can address it and even change our behavior in a similar situation the next time. That's where PSYCH-K®is very effective. I will tell you more

Because the communication is blocked, it makes sense to remove the blockage, don't you think? How can you activate both hemispheres?

You can activate them by doing some movements that cross the mid-line, and other parts of the brain. The different movements have different effects on your thinking and being. That's where Brain Gym®is specialized.

Do what you can

If and when you cannot rock anymore in your body than your mind you can start the easy way. Brain gym exercises are wonderful and there are different ways of doing it, so you can pick up your best option.

From the video below you'll find superb movements, that you can do lying in your bed, or just in your mind to start with! When you get interested, start training! These exercises require only two hands, three small balls or walnuts like here. I used golf balls. Even the smallest movements - especially the different and new to you - activate your brain and body!

Learning revitalizes and encourages to do more, learn more and whoops! - you feel different? This you can only find out by doing it yourself.

Get the basics of life in order

What depresses us? Why is so many exhausted?

There are as many answers as questions. I have learned through my own experience (twice depressed) and by helping others, that my expectations towards myself were sky high. I didn't feel I had succeeded in anything.

Do you expect too much?

We seem to expect from ourselves something impossible to achieve. And when we compare ourselves to someone, who has "got it all", we easily feel failures and get depressed. This might be one of the reasons for depression because the modern society churns out successful people, who hardly sleep at night and still achieve wonderful things in life. You probably have seen them too in media?
Dr. Demartini talks a lot about it Dr.Demartiniwho trains people to discover their true values in life and to accept themselves.

How to find a peace of mind

One very popular and praised method to work with mind is Mindfulness.It can help you to stop at the root of yourself, to approve of yourself just as you are.
It is one of my favorites when I need to take a break. One of my nasty habits is be 'too much in my mind' and 'think too much'. Exercise - even small movements and other activities - beak the habit nicely. These I have learned the hard way.

Activate your brain easily and notice the change

With PSYCH-K® you can safely face difficult matters. During the Balance the communication is possible through the brain hemispheres and this feels good in the body and the mind. This is based on review of Whole-Brain concept integration.

Even a brief session sessio relieves. PSYCH-K® can be done at home via Skype easily.

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