What if you have no idea of the future?

Nainen pohtii mitä kaipaa elämässä ja mitä hän haluaisi muuttaa?

Epätietoisuuden pelko

It's easier to direct one's eye at the future when you have some idea what it could look like, to set goals and to take some steps.

  • Where to start?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Whom to contact?
  • Can I start immediately?

But when you don't have any goals regarding the future, it's hard to start anywhere, and to decide about any action steps.

Where to get any right information?

The media offers very variable views about the future - everything has changed with Covid19, and will continue to do so. Your own belief systems define your trusted channels, trustees and the media you watch and believe. And so do they define pretty much your personal perceptions of the future.

I listened for the first time to the investor Robert Kiyosaki's videos and clues to us all, whom - according to him - have been kept in the dark for many years. He told us how things are in the world right now. Here in this video he's warning us about the future. This will affect us all.

Kiyosaki's view of the world economy

What can one do now?

For a moment I almost worried myself. Then I remembered my best friend in need, that can calm me down, especially my mind! - as well as my body, since worrying is a physical sensation as well.

I remembered PSYCH-K®. I recalled that I can change any idea, thought, thing, situation or actually my perception of them to a peace of mind in minutes!

So I though about this news bomb and teste myself. The answer was weak which means that there's some sort of stress at the subconscious level of my mind related the issue. I knew immediately what to do and how to proceed and in a couple of minutes Kiyosaki's news couldn't upset me anymore. As a matter of fact I started to get interested in in more, and so I watched other expert's videos from the past few days about the economical situation we are facing in the world.

How can it change your future?

With PSYCH-K® we can also create new visions and thought forms. Best is that we can double check that you get your subconscious minds support to them (with muscle testing). So, if you are afraid of the future, we can transform the fear to teh peace of mind safely and see it with new eyes. Many people worry about money, wheateher they think of the future or the present moment.

What do you hope from the future?

If - like me - you don't know exactly, what do you know about it? Use what you know.

  • What don't you want?
  • What is the opposite of it, if it helps?
  • Wher do you want to live or be?
  • Whom or what kind of people do you wish to live or be with?
  • Have you got any idea of the work you want to do?

There are some thoughts for you, if your mind is completely blank. The society usually sets some ideals for us, according to which most people run after. It doesn't have to be like that. You can set your own ideals, values and dreams. And with PSYCH-K® we can get your subconscious minds support to you. It will feel easier.

How does PSYCH-K® work and what do we change?

PSYCH-K® is an energy spychology method which is efficient and fast according to your wishes and desires. I will tell more about PSYCH-K® free introduction eveningsin Finnish once a month. Enrollments on top of the page.!

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