Who am I?

My first experience with PSYCH-K® (subtitles in English)

Who am I without my beliefs?

Life is changing rapidly once we start to change our old and maybe lifelong beliefs!

Slowly I have begun to feel more at ease with myself and to enjoy being me, whether others see it or not.

To me PSYCH-K® and the more recent - Live the Connection have become good friends to me along my path.

I hold personal sessions via Skype weekly. If you are interested in starting to change your beliefs about your life with PSYCH-K®or Live the Connection, contact me or book an appropiate time for you. contact me and book a session!

"With PSYCH-K®I was able to stop feeling sorry for myself and get some energy to act!"

Life really changes once you see that you aren't the miserable creature you have made yourself to believe - not knowing it!

I taught PSYCH-K® for five years here in Finland and Europe. I have stopped teaching it, but there are courses available also here close to us. All the workshops www.psych-k.com.

My background

Alternative therapies were my life

My name is Raija Sipiläinen.

I took on my maiden name in November 2020, the previous was Matinpalo.

After years of looking for something 'else' this endless search since 1993 led me to the wonderful world of alternative therapies. I wanted to feel better and help others as well. I did find many ways of easing life of others.


My own burn out put me to a halt - and Bruce Lipton gave me hope again


My lovely therapies didn't help me feel better or to change much in my own life anyhow, although I really tried. After feeling sorry for myself for quite some time and the second burn out I turned back to the amazing world of internet and asked Mr. Google. I found Dr.Bruce Lipton and his famous video: "The Biology of Belief". He explained to me how my thoughts had a direct impact on my body and cells, even on my DNA. I thought it was all very interesting but wasn't completely convinced that it could help in any way, until another American gentleman came to stage and started his talk by asking one simple question that glued me staring at my computer screen

"Have you ever wondered why after all the self-help books you have read, and after all the courses that you have taken your life hasn't changed?"

This gentleman was a psychotherapist called Rob WilliamsHe got me interested into the idea of influencing the mind first. He is the originator of PSYCH-K® ~ The Key to Your Psyche. Psyche describes the mind, soul and our inner self. The K in the end refers to the sustainable change. It's about a method that we can use to change the subconscious beliefs.

The wonderland of subconscious beliefs

It's difficult to imagine how much the subconscious beliefs affect us and our lives, not to mention about affecting them. They are mentioned in every therapy of course, a lot in Finland too, but efficient methods to changing them are scarce. The general idea seems to be that if you are aware of your beliefs, and understand their impact on your life - which is not hard - everything changes! For most people it's not so. PSYCH-K® seemed to be one of the methods that I can use with myself and by myself as well!

My hidden thoughts - that I wasn't even aware of - can influence my mind and my health in a most extraordinary way? Although I realize that I'm thinking something negative, doesn't actually change anything...it's just not enough.

So what is it all about?

My ways of reacting to different people and situations are all downloaded into my subconscious mind, which is my body ~ cells. Through the signals of the environment they are turned on and off and make me react in every possible way: cry, laugh, shout, get hurt, run... and get stored into my mind to be used next time. No thank you!

This is called subconscious programming or like an inner operating system. I cannot influence it once it has started, but I can - as incredible as it is - change the programs and do it consciously!

How does the change happen?

To do that we need a change process that the subconscious mind can understand or superlearning (referring to a balancing process and the Whole brain State). It won't happen by itself.

That's how my journey with the mind and the habits and thinking processes started. I wasn't even aware of it before. With PSYCH-K® I can approve of myself and even learned to love myself!

What changes can we do ? Here are some of the changes that are important to me!

  • I can create a new perception of the world, of my relationships and delete the subconscious stress related to those. Thus I don't need to worry about their effect in my life anymore.
  • I have access to the spiritual guidance in my life in a different way, without channeling or outsiders.
  • To me it matters to do meaningful things whether it's about relationships or the state of being of the world.
  • I want to enhance the general wellbeing here and along with that be happy with my life.

PSYCH-K® is a magnificent tool that aims to help the people and nature live together at peace, without the need to constantly struggle for survival like now. PSYCH-K® has helped me improve my life with the speed of light, and will continue to do so. I am truly grateful for all the help I have received from it!


When you change your beliefs, your whole life will change!

PSYCH-K® is a process worth learning! 

Elämä on just niin kovaa kuin haluat!

I invite you to a life-changing journey by creating a new and wonderful life with me!

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