Gratitude relieves depression

With all this information load one gets easily distracted and depressed, as I realized happened to me some months ago.
I know enough about how the mind works - and noticed with myself - that the problems seemed easily to grow in size, in number and circulating in my mind. I felt like in a swamp and saw no way out.
My problems were more related to my personal life and not so much to Covid19, or issues related to that.

However, when I realised that, and after feeling sorry for myself for awhile, I discovered - by accident (?) an excercise of gratitude that can give me relief! The impact of gratitude and it's healing effect are true!

What can you do when you're anxious and cannot actually think positively, not to mention be grateful?

This newly found excercise is easy to do. You can do it anywhere - and what's best - you don't need to fool yourself to think positively! Personally I never liked those excercises because I felt that I would be deceiving myself by denying negative things existing in life. And they do. That's one reason why I like methods like PSYCH-K®. However this excercise felt doable so let's get moving!

Gratitude excercise

Sit comfortably or lie down. The main thing is that you feel good and don't feel tense.
Breathe deeply a couple of times, until you settle down...then focus on your heart.
Open your heart as well as you can, you will learn this by the time, I promise you!

- Look around you and let your eyes rest in something you like especially. It may be an object or thing.
- Think or reflect on all the things, aspects, events that this particular object or thing has brought to your life. Be grateful for all that.
- Go through all the details that come into your mind, maybe the situations that are related to this object, or the people that are involved in. Be grateful for all these things/people.

How do you feel now? How is your breathing? How do you feel in your body?

Repeat this excercise when you wake up or go to bed, and as many times during your day as you want.
I noticed when doing this, that at first it was difficult to feel grateful in my heart, but it didn't last for more than a couple of minutes. After that I felt like the cat when he is purring, and all over my body!

I also noticed that I laughed more and easily and my mind was more cheerful. I repeated this excercise when I walked to the store. That was easy since the summertime is wonderful here, isn't it? I thanked for the bushes, the birds' song, and the dogs that were barking and smelling every bush, chaising the rabbits and other dogs...

Life was wonderful after all! This wonder just had to be drawn out.

Sometimes life can seem hard, the problems insurmountable. We don't know how to salve everything, or ask for help, however we may need it. Maybe this kind of excercise can help you with your daily life?

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for existing in my life!


Make yourself as your mind's compensator

You can learn to find words for gratitude. You can write yourself a letter where you tell youself about all the important things in your life that you are grateful for. If you find poetry more you cup of tea , write a poem of gratitude for yourself.

Here are some tips for practising gratitude!

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