Quick help via Skype!

This is helpful when you

  • face economical worries, that many of us have to now
  • have stress that bothers you and prevents you in some way
  • you've come to a deadlock with a problem
  • you have tried all your best but the distressing thoughts won't leave you alone
  • want to get help asap

Act now and stop postponing the issue!

I'm in Skype almost daily, so please, contact me to get the best possible time for you!

The key to changes is within you!

There are tools that help us release stress from almost any problem. It is easy by phone or by Skype. A Balance lasts 30/60 minutes. After the session you will think clearly and you will know what to do next.

At the moment there are no available times, but from December on, I will be available again on-line.