I don't want to go to a trailer!

Saida katsoo suoraan silmiin

Saida doesn't feel good when others stress out

Saida is an Arab, who doesn't tolerate well - not more the owner's than other's - fussing. She will express her opinion pretty clearly and refuses to obey orders, or gets some symptoms.

It was time to go to visit the dentist now, and obviously she has to get there in a trailer. trailerillaSaida has never liked trailers, so she refuses to step into one very easily. Tuija hired a trainer for Saida to teach her on time, so that the actual trip would be smooth and without any trouble.

Saida is getting symptoms

She started being restless and some stomach issues. She didn't like people around then, and the trainer's visits and her tangible worrying didn't make things easier.

People at the stables didn't help either nor the fuss. She didn't have normal routines which made this worse. Saida is very sensitive - probably most horses are? - and reacts quickly to all disturbances. Now it was about a situation that she either didn't like or maybe was afraid, so things got worse.

Emergency help from PSYCH-K®

When time was wearing thin and Saida's symptoms weren't showing any relief, Tuija decided to try PSYCH-K®Could it be of help here too?

We did many Balances during the session. We balanced for the relationship between Tuija and Saida, and the trip in a trailer. We released some stress and set goals for the future! More appreciation and trust, that came out during the Balance, were tangible in both parties. To all who wonder - in PSYCH-K® we can surrogate a person/being who cannot attend personally.

Tuija went to the stables to see how is Saida doing. She was calm, no more stomach problems. Tuija was more peaceful as well, and maybe her husband too?

In this case one full PSYCH-K®session held many Balances, relieved many people's lives and of course Saidas too!

PSYCH-K® is truly a versatile method!

Whether it's about your situation directly, or a relationship with someone/something else, a person or a horse like in this case, with PSYCH-K® we can transform subconscious beliefs from them and release stress.

Personally I don't know of any other method as easy, fast and efficient as PSYCH-K®. Do you?


Sinäkin voit oppia käyttämään PSYCH-K®:ta! Kolmen päivän peruskurssilla saat jo perustiedot ja voit aloittaa oman elämäsi muutokset. Lisätietoja kursseista!

This is an investment to your life! 

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