Do you yearn to hear thank you?

We all yearn for that one word that is thank you!

There are some studies about gratitude, which is 'nice to know' but doesn't really help us in the daily life. It only increases the longing for it, if we don't hear the missed words in real life.

Gratitude is a very powerful feeling that takes over the whole mind-body. It is a real healing power that Heart Math Institute has done some studies from.. Gratitude, empathy, love and appreciation can heal painful wounds, physically even. There was a six weeks study that showed the attendees' - who among gratitude, guided imagery did some yoga stretches - their inflammatory marker HRP decrease 27%!

One good and effective way of getting more appreciation is to give it!

One can practice appreciating others by listing all the events, that you have happened to you this week, this month, this year that you can be grateful for:

If one of the above mentioned is too challenging, welcome to the PSYCH-K® session!

Take the initiative!

Gratitude and appreciation are choices that you made. If you want to test how your own choices can change your life, try it out!

  • Instead of glancing angrily to your neighbor tomorrow, smile at him and say Good morning!
  • When you go shopping, thank the cashier and smile at him/her too!
  • When you wake up in the morning, say something beautiful to yourself like "Thank God I exist!" or "Yeah, I woke up!"
  • Think of your siblings with warmth. Remember some lovely moment that you all spent together, even a long time ago. Thank them in your mind. They will feel it!

You can do your own empirical studies and thank the passing year also!

Thank also the coming year 2020 that starts the day after tomorrow, give it a big hug! Give a hug also to your partner, children, pet, even the neighbor! The year will come anyway... why not enjoy it!?

Pleasure and joy of life come from for ex. the word that we all long to hear so much: thank you.

Thank you for this year 2019.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you an awesome year 2020!

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