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Mother Earth heals

Using the vibration of the earth for curing difficult diseases is an old tradition. It's been used within the indegenious cultures - although they didn't live quite similar lifestyles as we do nowadays, indoors away from the nature.

The healing effects of the earth has also been studied with scientific methods, which gives us modern people a more 'convincing' twist to it, doesn't it? Because the idea is so simple, it also raises questions like - is it too good to be true? One of the recent studies suggests that the connection to the earth really improves the wellbeing and decreases the stress hormone levels, pains and inflammations. According to this article Earthing should be recommended by health professionals to patients. This is easiy done by sitting outside, walking barefoot or lying on the ground. Have you ever heard any medical doctor even mention about it?

Try it for yourself!

Without more ado - I don't mean to prove anything - try it for yourself!

We have summer here in Finland - the best season to enjoying nature and its healing forces! I go to the beach daily and put my feet into the sand while I read a good book or just watch the river or the kids playing behind me!

Do like this:

  • schedule some time for example 20-40 minutes, when you don't need your cell phone or other distractions
  • go to a place where you can safely - without fear of shard of glass - walk, sit outside or lie down being in direct contact to the ground
  • take off your shoes!
  • if you sit, let your feet be in contact with the ground - let the power of this force sink through the acupoints in the middle of the feet! It's easily done in the sand.
  • if you rest, let the calves and hands be in touch with the ground. You can bury them into the sand if you like. I usually take a bunch of sand into my hand if it seems to be lifting off the ground. It is also easy to build yourself a nice bed where you don't need to struggle to be grounded.
  • be consciously aware that you are in contact with nature's healing properties: I have noticed that it enhances my wellbeing hudredfold!
  • let the energies flow into you and you feel it happen
  • close your eyes and let your soul and body rest
  • enjoy!

For how long?

According to one suggestion daily contact for about 20 minutes should be enough to benefit from it, another article suggest to stay there for 30-40 minutes. According to my own empirical studies half an hour is enough to calm the mind and relax the body, and I sleep much better. I can easily stay in the beech for an hour or two, and often in the evening when the sun does not burn anymore.

There are NO SAFETY LIMITS to this method! You can move out and be in contact to the ground like the wild animals do, and our ancestors did!

Listen to yourself!

It is easy to notice all the changes:

  • How do you feel afterwards?
  • Are you feeling calmer, or more relaxed?
  • Do you sleep better?
  • If you experience pains, have they subsided at all?
  • If feeling stressed, has it changed at all?

We know our own symptoms, so it's easy to do some follow-up when you ponder upon the effect ofthis practise. Earthing doesn't cure everything but it can alleviate many symptoms and improve the quality of your life tremendously.

If you get interested in using earthiong indoors as well, there are some products available. You can take a look at them in the shop (I have nothing to do with this business). I recommend to go outside, test it for yourself. It's so easy and fast, not to mention free of charge!

Have a lovely Midsummer and enjoy being together with the Nature!

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