Lovely stress, it's leaving me...

You don't pay attention to it before you loose it

Stress is an interesting subject, isn't it? It's been discussed a lot - as I do too - and blamed for many, if not all problems, and it's been studied a lot. One thing that I haven't seen yet, it's to be glad it exists.

Now I must say that I'm truly grateful that I have been stressed a lot for years - more or less.

Why is that?

Because if I hadn't been so stressed, I wouldn't have a clue how I feel once I get rid of it!

Tao ja Tito avustajina
Tao and Tito are very active in all activities

Hooray cats hair

I will elucidate it here.

Last week my son came to fetch his cats back home, out of my care. I have had them for many months now, since August last year.

It's okay, they were lovely purring machines and helped me get by over the dark months of winter. I loved to pat them and talk to them.

One thing that I didn't like, was their hair. It's not the cats' fault by any means, they are furry animals. But - I couldn't stand it. The hair was everywhere, in the kitchen, in my food, my clothes, bed, even in my mouth when they came to wake me up gently in the morning. It was lovely, but...

No more stress?

Once they were gone I realized that I slept better, I was happier and somehow more at home, odd thing, isn't it?

Less stress in my subconscious mind because I didn't wonder if they were in my kitchen while I was asleep. The cats are nightly creatures, they do wander, leaving hair everywhere to remind me.

Of course I know that if I choose to take a pet, I couldn't care less about the hair. Now the situation was different however.

What's best, the amount of stress reduced without my noticing it. Long lived the stress - I was happy to say goodbye to it!

What if you can't get rid stress?

You can always do something. That's my motto.

There are many things: meditation, therapies, excercise, new hobbies, walking in the forest, wondering in nature, singing, playing an instrument,conversation, and some energy psychology methods like PSYCH-K® and Live The Connection.

The advantage of the latter ones are speed and efficiency. We don't try to deny the problems/issues - on the contrary, we deal with them by some movements and connecting different areas of the brain so that your attitude changes through it. If something pisses you off, there is no point in denying it. It won't help at all.

I used both of these methods while I had the cats, many times actually, and got a temporary peace of mind. By taking responsibility for my own life - and my choices (for ex. regarding the cats) - I did a Balance which had an action step that I have to get rid of the cats. So they had to go. Once the day came to separate, I was still surprised to be glad.

How to get started?

You can try for yourself how you feel by booking a time for a session with me. At the shortest it'll take half an hour. Stress release; takes about 30 minutes.


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