Come to practice together!

Because we know that PSYCH-KⓇ is more about doing than just talking about it, I invite you to join our practice time. Maybe - if you haven't used PSYCH-KⓇ for some reason lately, it may be good to practice together with other Facilitators? If you have used PSYCH-KⓇ, you may have questions or issues that came up when using PSYCH-KⓇ on your own? Come to share your experiences with others and maybe give good advise to the newbies? Maybe you have also some issues that you need to get answers to?

I organize practice evenings here in Helsinki so that you will get the confidence and trust that you had in the end of the Basic Course!

The practice nights take place at Elämänpuu Hyvinvointikeskus IN Helsinki, at Koreankatu 4, 00560. We held the first practice evening on March 18th, and so it got started! During the three hours we'll have time to answer to your questions, share experiences and naturally do and get a lot of Balances! The cost is 25€ each time.

I am open to your suggestions, so tell me what do you wish for?

Welcome to practice together!

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